Carron Radiators

Cast Iron Radiators
Cast Iron Radiators

Carron radiators are the largest manufacturer of cast iron radiators in the UK today. With a superb range and lifetime warranty, Carron have simply some of the finest period radiators money can buy.

From simple old school column radiators to ornate style rococo rads, Pendragon offer the complete range of Carron radiators. Most of us are familiar with and recognise the style of column radiators from schools and public buildings still in use today. They have stood the test of time which proves their design and functionality is second to none.

Cast iron radiators were first introduced in America around the 1880s for use with steam but were adapted for use with hot water systems in France and the UK soon after. Due to the casting techniques during manufacture, many decorative designs were introduced and used to define status in grand houses and public buildings.

Cast iron radiators are fitted in exactly the same way as modern steel ribbed radiators. The rads are fitted on to standard copper pipe and can be fitted with standard valves. However we highly reccommend decorative valves to add a touch of elegance, rather than unsightly plastic capped valves. Radiators can be fitted with a choice of either manual or thermostatic radiator valves depending on the boiler being used and if room thermostats are fitted. Standard combination boilers are ideal for use with cast iron radiators due to the ability to control the output.

Victorian radiators are painted to customers bespoke colour requests or can be supplied in primer finish to be painted on site by the client. The Radiators are all assembled bespoke to order, so you can choose how small or large you want each radiator. The assembled sections each have a calculated heat output so are built for each individual rooms requirements by heat output.

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Cast Iron Radiator - Room Setting
Cast Iron Radiator – Room Setting