Carron Stoves – Bletchley

Available Across the UK

Carron Stoves are available across the UK, delivered direct to your door. The stoves are delivered on a pallet to your doorstep wherever possible in the UK.

Carron Stoves – can be delivered to Bletchley.

Carron Stoves

Carron Stoves are available in a superb range of cast iron wood burning stoves and log stores. The range of stoves are robust and greatly dependable along with styling and performance to meet the heating requirements of any home.

Quality and Ergonomic Design

A Carron cast iron stove is a sign of quality. The products are manufactured to the highest production standards and built to last. The stoves are designed featuring a large flame picture window for an inviting and a comforting glow. The air flow controls are simple to use being simple sliders.The lower control regulates the air to the base of the fire which controls the heat from the fire. The top control adjusts the air flow over the glass window. This helps to reduce soot or tar deposits on the glass.

The grate is riddled externally to remove excessive ash. This is generally used when burning smokeless fuels which require a good airflow through the pellets. Wood burns better on a bed of ash so doesn’t need to be riddled as often. In the event of ash build up, the stoves are fitted with an ash pan for ease of cleaning. Spare parts are available to order online if ever required.
The enamelled finish is designed so it’s easy to clean and will maintain its looks for years to come.


All Carron stoves offer diligent practicality and efficiency to make the most of the charm and timeless joy of using a natural fuel such as wood. Carron stoves feature efficiency up to 79.3% when burning wood; sure to provide repeated pleasure and warmth to your home throughout even the harshest of winters.

Colours and Finishes

Available in a great collection of colours, from the visually striking China Blue and Sage Green to the classic Matt Black or Black enamel, sure to take pride of place in any home. Carron have carefully chosen select enamel colours to match modern tastes with regular additions to expand the range.