Carron Stoves 4.7kw

4.7kW Carron Stoves

This small and compact Carron 4.7KW stove is perfect for adding a period feel to a smaller space. With a heat output of up to 4.7KW, it will also provide enough warmth to heat the room effectively. The intricate traditional detailing and enamel finish make this the ideal stove for a period property, although it would also work beautifully well in a modern conversion.

Colours Available

Carron stoves are available in an array of coloured enamel finishes, or just plain matt black.

Details of Stove

Defra Approved (for use in smoke exempt zones when burning wood)
4.7KW Output
76% efficiency when burning wood
Secondary air inlet for cleaner glass and improved combustiuon
Top flue option only
External riddling grate with removable handle
Adjustable door handle to allow for fire rope compression
Clay brick lined
Suitable for use with wood, coal, coke, peat, anthracite or smokeless fuels
Large viewing window